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The History of McGlynn & McGlynn

The First Generation

Daniel Francis McGlynn Sr. (1864-1930)
Daniel Francis McGlynn Sr.

Daniel Francis McGlynn was the patriarch of this legal family. He was born in 1864, the son of James McGlynn, who was known as the Scholar, a man of learning who spoke Latin, Gaelic, and English. James left Ireland during the Great Famine and settled in Nilwood, Illinois, and from James and Daniel would arise bloodlines that bound the family to education, family, community, and Faith.

Dan settled in East St. Louis with his family. This was the era of railroads and commerce, and Dan began his business life as a clerk for the Frisco railroad. Dan worked by day and studied law by night, and upon completion of his legal education in 1896, he founded the first McGlynn law office in East St. Louis. He was recognized by the community leaders of his time as the outstanding attorney in the area.

During his practice, Dan served as the City Attorney for East St. Louis for six years, and as the attorney for the East Side Levee District and the East St. Louis Park District Board. He was elected president of the East St. Louis Bar Association in 1929, and a state legal journal that year named him the "Outstanding Corporate Attorney of Southern Illinois." His clients included St. Louis National Stockyards, Morris and Company Packers, East St. Louis Railway Company, Hartford Insurance Company, and Steam Fitters Local 439.

Dan also received the highest honor that can be bestowed upon a lay person in the Catholic Church when he was designated a Knight of St. Gregory.


The Second Generation

Dan's three sons, Joseph, Daniel, and Robert, all joined the family law practice, ushering the second generation of the McGlynn Family's legal history.

Joseph Bernard McGlynn Sr. (1891-1953)
Joseph Bernard McGlynn Sr.

Joe received his law degree from the University of Notre Dame in 1912. Thereafter, he served in the military during World War I. His service included a tour of duty in France, and while in Paris he became a founding member of the American Legion and the 40/8 Society. He returned home to East St. Louis after the war to take his place beside his father in the family law firm.

Joe was widely recognized as an outstanding trial lawyer. He acted as special counsel for the City of East St. Louis in the construction of the Veterans Bridge (now known as the Martin Luther King, Jr. Bridge), which spans the Mississippi River between East St. Louis, Illinois and St. Louis, Missouri. Other clients included the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen and St. Louis National City Stockyards.

Daniel Francis McGlynn Jr. (1895-1963)
Daniel Francis McGlynn Jr.

Dan, like his older brother, received his undergraduate and legal degrees from the University of Notre Dame. Dan also served in the United States Army during World War I, enlisting in 1917.

Dan was admitted to practice law before the Illinois Supreme court in 1919. During his legal career, he acted as corporate counsel for East St. Louis, as Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois, and as an attorney for the East St. Louis Park District.

Dan was also instrumental in the formation of the Bank of Belleville and the Cahokia Downs Race Track. His clients included Monsanto Chemical Company, St. Louis National Stockyards, Keeley Brothers Contracting Company, Transit Casualty Company, and the Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen.

Robert Emmett McGlynn Sr. (1897-1940)
Robert Emmett McGlynn Sr.

Rob also studied at the University of Notre Dame, attending its high school, School of Architecture, School of Arts & Letters, and ultimately its School of Law. He obtained his law degree in 1923, at which time he joined his father and brothers in the family practice.

Rob was well-known for his wit, his friendship, and his passion for aviation. He completed pilot's training at Parks College, and he and his brother Joe formed Fleet Air Lines, the first commercial airline in the area.

Tragedy struck in 1940, however, when Rob was killed in an automobile accident at the age of 43.


The Third Generation

Rob's sons, Robert and James, continued in their father's and grandfather's footsteps in the third generation of McGlynns to practice law in the family firm.

Robert Emmett McGlynn (retired)
Robert Emmett McGlynn

Bob served in the United States Navy during World War II from 1944-1946. When his service was complete, he carried on the family tradition and studied at the University of Notre Dame, where he earned his A.B. in 1950 and his L.L.B. in 1951.

Upon completion of his legal studies, Bob returned to East St. Louis to practice at the family law firm. He was admitted to practice before the Illinois Supreme Court in 1951. He went on to serve as Attorney for the East St. Louis Park District (1958-1976), Special Assistant Attorney General for the State of Illinois (1953-1960), and as President of the East St. Louis Bar Association. Bob was also a member of the board of directors for the Bank of Belleville (1964-1982) and for Magna Group, Inc. (1982-1996).

Bob was appointed by the Governor of Illinois to serve as a commissioner on the Bi-State Development Agency and served during the critical time of the expansion of the St. Louis MetroLink system through the Metro East.

Now retired, Bob's greatest joys are his nine children and twelve grandchildren, a great legacy indeed. Two of Bob's children, Michael and Steve, would go on to become the fourth generation of the McGlynn family to practice law at McGlynn & McGlynn.

James Bernard McGlynn (retired)
James Bernard McGlynn

Jim attended the University of Notre Dame with his brother Bob, earning his B.A. in 1951 and his L.L.B. in 1953. After completing his studies, he went on to serve in the United States Army from 1953-1955, including a tour in Okinawa.

After his tour of duty with the Army, Jim returned home to practice law in East St. Louis at McGlynn & McGlynn. He was recognized by his peers as an expert trial attorney.

Jim also possessed his father's passion for aviation. For a period of years, he was a licensed pilot, and flying was an avocation he thoroughly enjoyed. Now retired, Jim continues to be an avid sportsman and naturalist, passions he developed as a young boy.